Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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Second questionairre / research methods
1. What’s social research?
2. What disciplines are involved in social research?
3. What are the two well known categories in which social methods are subdivided?
4. What are quantitative methods focused on?
5. What are qualitative methods focused on?
6. What do qualitative and quantitative methods share in common?
7. Which tools do quantitative researchers resort to?
8. Which tools do qualitative researchers resort to?
9. What was the main problem focused on the ordinary human inquiry?
10. What does Charles C. Ragin state in his book?
11. What does social research attempt to?
12. What’s the difference between fact and theory?
13. What’s an axiom or postulate?
14. What are propositions?
15. Where are hypotheses derived from?
16. What are variables?
17. What do theories describe?
18. Define independent variable
19. What’s an idiographic explanation?
20. What’s a nomothetic explanation?
21. Read the info about the qualitative and quantitative debate. then, write down your perception about it.
22. What are the paradigms social researchers usually follow?
23. What are the primary assumptions of the ethics in social research?
24. What are the social research techniques?
25. Read and cluster the information about quantitative and qualitative research.

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